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FAMSUN Joins Discussion about the Digital Transformation of China Agri-Food

Integrated solution provider FAMSUN took part in the “China Animal Husbandry & Feed Industry Top 50 Companies Digital Transformation Summit & Chief Digital Officers Alliance Annual Meeting 2021”. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Cai Huiyi, the President of Feed Economy Committee of China Forestry, Animal and Fishery Economics Association on May 27-28, 2021 in Shenzhen, China.


The event was attended by representatives of China Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Information Center, China Animal Husbandry Association, China Feed Economy Specialized Committee, Muyuan Group, Cargill Animal Nutrition (China), Yangxiang Tech, FAMSUN Group and Midea Cloud Technology as well as experts of China agri-food chain management. 


The city of Shenzhen in south China’s Guangdong Province is the digital powerhouse of China. It gathers digitalization, communication and AI tech giants such as Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Midea Cloud. The city has digitized most government administrative affairs and industrial manufacturing activities in recent years as China forges ahead with digital transformation. 


FAMSUN President Fan Tianming joined industry leaders to discuss about how to accelerate the digital transformation in agri-food sector to improve food supply chain capability for new growth and sustainable development in ‘new normal’ after a visit to the Midea Group. Midea is a Fortune 500 company which manufacture electrical appliance centered in ‘humanizing’ technology and providing solutions for ‘Future Factories’ with global leading robotic and automation technology. It is a frontrunner of digital transformation and has built a practicable Industrial Internet to empower all its business segments and benefit all stakeholders in its ecosystem.



Chen Zhengjun, FAMSUN Vice President and Director of R&D Institute, participated in a fireside chat to introduce FAMSUN’s digital factory solutions and the best application practices of its customers in the ‘Digital Transformation Implementation Strategy and Practices Promotion in Enterprises’ session of the Chief Digital Officer Alliance Annual Meeting.


The company now can provide a complete package of digital solutions and services to help agri-food manufacturers implement digital transformation in this challenging times. Its providing includes leading manufacturing execution systems, processing line automation, AI machines and systems, digital feed distribution and logistics systems, and whole plant digitalization that based on Industrial Internet.


As a pioneer in digitalization innovation, FAMSUN also advanced digital transformation in agri-food industry with opening a new Intelligent R&D Center in Shenzhen recently. “Shenzhen is a critical hub of innovation and growth around digital technologies,” Chen Zhengjun said. “We hope to expand our innovation and collaboration ecosystem here, attract young talent in this area to develop career in the agri-food, and bring exciting and advanced digital solutions to our customers.”